Queen Platform Bed In Asian Style

White Queen Platform Bed

Queen Platform Bed – Cost and space a good reason to choose a platform queen bed to save space of your home is relatively more than a queen size bed on average.

For a great space saving solution for this bed has slats or strong enough to support all types of mattress panels solid base, makes it unnecessary box spring. If you choose to buy this type of bed, the savings do not have a box spring substantial.

If you are looking for a queen size bed, they are available in wood, metal and leather, with a variety of styles including with and without headrests, natural bed of solid wood platform beds or Asia with a lower profile.

These beds in Asian style efficient and closer to the ground, usually with a slatted base which is slightly larger and wider than the mattress. They usually do not have headrests and foot of the bed which is embedded, which almost gives them a floating effect in the room.

Queen size wooden bed comes in light, medium and dark finishes in accordance with the style of the room. Woods such as cherry and maple finishes to complete the look warm cozy bedroom.

If you are looking for a solution to save space in the room, some of the beds come with options such as storage drawers underneath for storing vintage clothing or bedding. Those who have a versatile and functional storage, great to organize your stuff. To help equip each room, some rooms come with matching furniture as a bedside table.

The queen Platform Bed that is easy and economical to order online because they are flat-packed, making them easy to carry and to your advantage, easy to assemble as well. Being lightweight, easy to dismantle and move makes it great for apartments welfare.

Simple, straight and clean lines of this bed makes it a great solution for modern, contemporary space. Platform color line single queen bed and bold solid perfectly complemented with a more extravagant and detailed furniture.

Queen Platform Storage Bed
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